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My musical education started with piano lessons, followed by Traditional Greek String instrument bouzouki, followed by guitar lessons and a few years of drum rhythmic and harmony lessons. Then, I studied sound engineering and digital sound Production techniques (four years)in London.
I also worked as a sound engineer assistant for a few months and cooperate with artists like Robert Plant and Lenny Kravitz.
I created a band (named 'Depends') and stayed for five years.
Later I worked as a Main Sound Engineer at Live Audio Concerts with mainstream artists.
In my country Greece I worked as a main engineer for more than 60 artists and in more than 250 concerts in open and closed Venues and stadiums. The last years I am more into music production and Record production engineering and orchestration/programming.

On December, 2005 my new record label SIRENS started with its first releases: Argonaytes. A new Greek rock band in a new blend of sound in combination with Greek,70 rock, traditional and electronic elements in a modern orchestration and Epsilon Quintet. A five classic guitar musicians band in fabulous innovative orchestrations and performances. They’re performing twelve well known and historic Greek songs of the top composer C.Nikolopoulos in a unique concept that record industry misses until now. I also make the production and orchestration in these albums

Another two productions are to be released in the next three months with the last one my new lp ‘BREAK OUT’.

My Main Music Genre is Ethnic Electronic Rock, a genre which does not exist officially.
However, my music creations could be dance, ethnic, electronic post rock, and ballad. Or even industrial and trance, ambient, pop...! –I don’t like to belong to any genre specifically. I am just enjoying music creation. If I had o choose my genre that would be Ethnic Electronic Rock.
Movie/Film Soundtracks are also in my musical directions. Recently I had the opportunity to write music for a film named”Death on The Prowl” by Alexandros Kollatos. This film was played in 44 International Film Festival at Thessalonica, Greece. The film had great distinctions and it will be played at many other Film Festivals around the world. Soundtracks are my favourite creation travel. I really like to make more Music for Films. The latest Music CD Offline release of doitmusic called " OTAN I VROHI... " (When The Rain...) Released at April 2002 from "Legend Rec."
My latest TV music composition and production and sound design is for a TV series Called The lake of sighs (H LIMNI TON STENAGMON) which is still on TV every day on channel ALTER in Greece
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