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DJ Delivery
DJ Delivery

San Francisco
ca, 94116

Trip Hop / Urban

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DJ Delivery

Get the groove and feel the beat because a pure injection of acid-drenched dance floor domination is about to be shot into your veins. Get up and move! Bryan Turbett "DJ Delivery" crafts a highly textured fusion of trip-hop, acid jazz, hip-hop and drum-n-bass. These elements intertwine in the most tightly woven strand of musical ecstasy you’ve heard in a long, long time. Dark ambience, compelling grooves and siren-song melodies form a delicious partnership of musical elements guaranteed to inspire your excitement.

Soothing the Beast

As much as DJ Delivery’s music is bound to pump your adrenaline glands into a frenzy, it’s also good for finding the center of peace in your soul. “Music has always soothed my inner savage beast,” says DJ Delivery, and his music serves exactly that purpose for his fans. “It takes me into the spirit world.” Once these tunes have gotten a hold of you, you’ll be expending your energy in positive actions, i.e. tearing up the dance floor. And while your body is busy burning with dance dynamics your soul will find its transcendence. Everybody has something that keeps him or her sane. For DJ Deliver, the focal point of his mind and spirit is music. This is the place where everything inside comes together. This focus of his entire being is what makes DJ Delivery’s songs such finely tuned pieces of musical expression. “Music is the thread that holds me together.”


The world, the entire universe, is a limitless source of muse fuel for the keen-eyed artist. Or perhaps that should be keen-eared. At any rate, there’s no end to what DJ Delivery mentally digests from his environment when seeking sources of artistic inspiration. “Everything is inspiring to me, be it the city (San Francisco) or my friends, my girl … It could be something I heard on the TV or a conversation I had, a crazy event in history …” DJ Delivery pours this ever-present inspiration into an ongoing songwriting process. His creativity is as endless as his inspiration. Right now he’s hard at work on his forthcoming solo album and is also composing music for licensing to commercial interests. “I have a recording studio that helps me create the sounds and tones that I need for my songs. I also work with local talent, from jazz artists to hip-hop to electronic musicians. So watch out for the album this summer.


One commenter had this to say about DJ Delivery: “Bryan Turbett, a.k.a. DJ Delivery, has been perfecting his craft for over a decade. After many years playing gigs up and down the west coast, he has spent some time putting together a voice for himself through his first album. From listening to his tracks, you can hear influences in many different genres, from hip-hop to jazz to drum-n-bass, etc. Delivery has a knack for matching samples in a way that you wouldn’t expect and an excellent ear for production. His music is full and dynamic, even the downtempo tracks sound fierce.” DJ Deliver is a founding partner of Modus and a huge part of Modus’ success. He is currently working with A&R Select, the leading A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.


“It’s hard not to be affected when you hear – from out of the darkness – the sharp beats and weaving melodies of DJ Delivery’s acidy good electronica.” – A&R Select


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