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Let It Shine
#364 in Electronic SongVault Certified
Let It Shine
Let It Shine
Length: 5:25
On Network Since Apr 24, 2013
Angel Eyes
#396 in Electronic SongVault Certified
Angel Eyes
Angel Eyes
Length: 3:37
On Network Since Sep 12, 2014
Wanna Dance
#10 in Reggae SongVault Showcase
Wanna Dance
Wanna Dance
Length: 4:18
On Network Since Jul 28, 2015
SongVault Certified Artist Diviana

Saratov, Russia

Electronic / Pop

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DIVIANA is a brand new talent discovering and new born Russian singer, who had an extremely successful career start with her debut songs “Let It Shine” and “Angel Eyes”. Shortly after official releases both singles became #1 in various international on-line charts. The latest single “Wanna Dance” performed by Diviana was released in August, 4th, 2015 and again brought a great success, immediately having become #1 for two weeks long in Pop Dance chart on Sound Click.

Diviana was born in a very small city Uralsk (Kazakhstan) which is situated close to the south border of Russia. Since a childhood Divi has been very creative and active girl in very different fields of life, but her childish dream was to get learnt to play a piano and enter music school. It happened that her parents couldn’t afford to buy such an expensive instrument and Divi had to choose for something else. Dream is a dream and anyhow Divi got a musical education as the domra player (Russian string folk instrument). In music school it was also found out that Divi had very good voice. Divi was always keen on singing and started to train her vocal very seriously as well as learn artist skill. Studying at the music school Divi was making a lot of concert activity and always thought that the real artist has to perform with a deep feeling or doesn’t have to perform at all. Because of it she was and still is very emotional and opened hearted performer.

But suddenly Divi’s life was changed and for a very long period she has to forget about music. It was a very hard period for Diviana when in 15 y.o. she had to leave her sweet home, her family and her native city. Finally Divi graduated from Saratov Technical University having got a very unusual profession for a young woman – the management in technical systems. It was so far from her dreams about music, but Divi always knew one day she will come back to her dream world. For couple of years Divi changed many places of work: she was the manager at the food and computer stores, afterwards she was the cashier, bookkeeper, the sale manager at the building materials and mobile phones stores and even she was the croupier at the casino. But it seems that all these hard trials, Divi got in her life, were just the first step on the way to her new period of life what‘s bound her to music forever. As Divi always says: “Once I left music, but music doesn’t leave me”.

In spring 2012 Divi got the chance to be pre-listened by the international music producer, songwriter and the owner of ACN Music label Anna C. Nova. Anna says: “I got a very good feeling about Divi. She has extremely clear high soprano vocal, she is talented, glamorous, full of creative ideas and ambitions and focused on making all her dreams come true. She is a very strong person what is the most perfect quality for the artist and she has very natural talent what for sure gives her strong potentiality to become a great artist.” Divi started co-operation with Nova and again it was quite hard period for her, because Divi hasn’t been practicing her vocal and artist skill for a long period. She was spending hours and hours at the studio and rehearsal room to warm up her vocal and educate herself how to work on this new level. Finally Anna and Divi recorded her very first pop trance single “Let It Shine” written and composed by Anna C. Nova. The idea of this song just like reflects Divi’s former life – if you need it and if you want it one little star will rise to shine for you. And this star called DIVIANA are rising up at a full speed! Divi says: “I like to share my energy with people. I want to discover many different and the most beautiful sides of this life. And I hope that I’ll also be able to bring something good and new to this world”. Well, Diviana won this battle and became #1!

Another song produced by Anna C. Nova and performed by Diviana is electro power pop song “Angel Eyes”. And again this song just tells another chapter of Diviana’s story – any difficulties you have in life just go on. Not everything is so easy, but never give up. If you strong enough, you’ll be able to get what you want.

The latest track recorded by Diviana in tandem with Anna C. Nova is summer pop dance song “Wanna Danca” which was released in August, 2015. Non-stop dance at the crazy and hot parties on summer beaches full of fun, joy and unlimited relaxation – that’s all about “Wanna Dance”! This song, written, composed and produced by Anna C. Nova as the mix of pop dance music with deep and warm reggae style touch in it, became the most unexpected track in the cold techno trance repertoire of Diviana the public has ever listened to by now. Anna & Divi say: “In fact it was our main idea to record something totally new and different from all productions we have ever recorded before for Diviana project. It’s some kind of the brave decision with the rich taste of epotage flavor. It seems we’ve done it!”.

Diviana is a member of the ACN artist team and as the artist she represents ACN Music label worldwide. At the moment Anna and Divi are planning to record new original tracks performed by Divi as well as produce video. All news and developments of Divi’s music carrier will be available here and through all ACN Music networks.Follow us !

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