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NEW YORK, United States

Techno / House

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The Dirty Dan Story:

Originally from Queens (New York) Dan Uhl unknowingly began a quest which would ultimately put him in the drivers seat of one of the most outrageous journeys he would face in this lifetime.

In 1991 Dan arrived at a Brooklyn outlaw party that forever changed his life. The combination of the bass, the lights, and the beautiful girls got him hooked.
By 1994 he was getting involved in promoting venues such as the legendary Limelight, Disco 2000, The Paladium, The Shelter, and more. Between 94' and 95' had bonded with party crews like Park Rave Madness, 9 Volt, and Smooth Groove to name just a few.
In 1996 Dan joined forces with DJ Fame (Potty Mouth Music) to form "Simply Bangin" , and started promoting every party, and festival in NY, and all along the East Coast. 1997 was a groundbreaking year for Dan as well when he found himself being interviewed, and quoted in the feature film "Modulations... Cinema for the Ear" a documentory about the "rave" scene, and electronic music. Dan was also attracted to the visual arts of intelligent lighting, and sound, where he became the light-tech at "Club World", the "Sound Factory", and "Webster Hall". The knowledge that Dan absorbed during this time influenced by names such as Funkmaster Flex, P.V.D., and Jonathan Peters.
Between 2000 and 2005 Dan started to DJ small venues in NY that soon turned into larger, and larger crowds. In 2006 Dan took everything he learned and moved his world from NY to Anchorage, Alaska where he set up a residency at a lokal lounge "Sub Zero" and began a local afterhours club dubbed "The Kodiak Bar" where he still resides. In 2007 Dan started "In the Mix" a radio show on 88.1 fm webcast world wide on
In 2008 Dan started "Rhythmic Alchemy" on 88.1 FM while still working his residency at Kodiak bringing the NY house and techno flava to the the far northwest with over 100 mix releases since 2006 playing with DJ's such as Carlos from S.F., Nigel Richards, Mike Harrington, and Dj Kos. Dan had the opportunity to play at "Burning Man" 2008, WMC Dj Spin-Off 2009, and will be back at Burning Man in September 2009.
DJ Dirty Dan will rip it up wherever, and whenever. His versitility and knowledge of music will bring you to eargasm with his virgin tight mixes to his showmanship behind the decks. Dan is a master of his craft, and will prove his place into DJ stardom.

You can download some of his mixes at Whether it's on your air waves, in your car stereo, ipod, or your local club. DJ Dirty Dan drops it like it's hot!
What's Going On These Days:


Remix of DJ FAME's 'WIGGLE ROOM' (Dirty Dan's Fo Da kidz mix) out soon!

Blow Up - "I'm Gonna Give Ya What Ya Want (Dirty Dan's Disco Zombie Mix) available at

The best podcasts in sci-fi dance and electroclash at

Originals on an internet radio station.

-DJ Dirty Dan
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