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Dionne Brown
Dionne Brown

California, United States

Christian Urban / R&B / Praise / Worship

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Dionne L. Brown also known as “The Songstress” an up and coming Gospel Recording Artist.
Dionne is truly anointed to sing and minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. Her passion
is the people of God and seeing God’s people walk in their purpose. She is able to communicate
the wonderful good news through song and spoken word, with songs such as “My Prayer” and
“Understand”. Through these songs, the Word of God is able to quench the spiritual thirst as well
as satisfy the longing soul.

Mission Statement
It is my desire to take Gods message through music, from state to state, city to city, church to
church to be a blessing and an encouragement to all those in need and those who just want to feel
good. I truly want to be used by the Lord, I want his light to shine through me and with all hope,
help draw people closer to him.
“He alone is worthy of all the Praise, Honor, and Glory!”
Visit or to hear the music ministry of
Dionne L. Brown, A Vessel for God.
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