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Dinesh Awale
Dinesh Awale

Indiana, India

Dancepunk / Classic Country

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RIya Consultant is a Marriage Counselling, Registrar and Consultancy service company located in and operating from Thane. We provide N number of services at our firm,
one of which is the role of a company as a Court Marriage Consultant Thane. A Court Marriage, solemnized under the special marriage act of 1954, is one that is carried
out in the court of law in the presence of a marriage officer and three witnesses. We at Riya Consultant, provide you with easy procedures of getting married and in
legal ways. According to the order of Supreme Court in 2006, registering marriage is mandatory for all kinds of marriages, even if it is a traditional marriage.
The Supreme Court passed such law to protect the right of women. Marriage Registration is one of the most opted for ways of getting married in this Modern Era.

For more brief Info. about our all services visit our website or feel free to connect with us on +919702096792.
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