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Impulse of silence
#65 in Electronic SongVault Certified
Impulse of silence
Rhetorical digression
Length: 4:29
On Network Since Apr 5, 2007
Episode 7
#315 in Electronic SongVault Certified
Episode 7
Length: 4:51
On Network Since Aug 2, 2011
Di Evantile
SongVault Certified Artist Di Evantile

KZ, Kazakhstan

Electronic / Downtempo

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For the artist Di Evantile, music that begins in the spirit of experimentation finds resolution in fully realized sonic textures that soothe and stimulate body and mind. Since childhood, Di Evantile has progressively moved toward an identity as an electronic music artist. As a young boy, and often left to his own devices, he learned to play guitar and piano, and even recalls trying to make an acoustic piano sound electronic, nearly ruining the instrument. His early creative explorations, which began as victories over boredom, were tempered by the pop music he heard growing up during the 1980s, ranging from heavy metal to dance. Beneath the dream-like soundscapes he constructs, that decade’s trace can still be detected. These days, ensconced in his studio on many solitary evenings, Di Evantile shuts the world out, in order to penetrate deeper and further into his, and ultimately your own, musical universe. “It’s an absolutely different space, a virtual world, a testing area without formal limits,” says Di Evantile of his intimate evenings in his workshop. He is versed in traditional classical composition, and brings his engineering expertise to bear in his sound creation. And despite the predominance of sound, in pure, guiding most electronic artists, Di Evantile also brings a subtle, but pervasive melodic consciousness to his music making. In Di Evantile’s music, the subtle insistence on melody helps to better measure the scope and distance of the sonic exploration. The results are expansive, evocative compositions, which take the listener on otherworldly journeys, while retaining an understated imprint of the familiar. While Di Evantile aspires toward the achievements of down tempo masters like Jean Michael Jarre, he can as easily be thought as a superhero of sound. “I would like to be like Neo from The Matrix, a person that believed in the possibility of changing the world, then did so,” explains Di Evantile. “Making the world better, more harmonic, is the most important objective for now,” he elaborates.
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