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All Songs Lady in blue
Come back baby
#75 in Reggae SongVault Certified
Come back baby
Lady in blue
Length: 3:50
On Network Since Mar 3, 2009
SongVault Certified Artist DFemog

São Paulo
São Paulo, Brazil

Reggae / Adult Contemporary

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Sucess in Africa, DFemog wants to be known in the whole world. An African singer DFemog is already being Known in many countries in Africa, mainly in Nigeria where the music ,The Only One and Come Back Baby are glorious hits. Now, he wants all people to recognise his musics with African rythms, Pop and Reggae. He came to Brazil in 1991, DFemog has accompanied various Brazilian artists participating in recordings of percussion of many cds and also translating some English musics to portuguese. He has done some sessions of recordings with a music producer Reinaldo Barriga and a band called Placa Luminosa. Moreover, DFemog also plays the guitar and composing. He is the composer of all the tracks of his first cd, called Lady in Blue that was launched in Africa and in Brazil.
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