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Dexter Rotten
Dexter Rotten

California, United States

Pop/Hair Metal / Garage Rock

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School, Work at the Library. Rocking out and making music. And oh, I am getting married to my long-time friend Faith in about 2 or 3 years.

Patrick Lew's Band
Formed 2008 in Antioch, CA
Styles Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Pop Punk, Punk Revival, Alternative Metal, Post-Grunge
Group Members: Patrick Lew
Influenced By: Pearl Jam, Green Day, White Lion, Tesla, Soundgarden, Mother Love Bone, Silverchair, Guns N' Roses, Nirvana, The Dead Kennedys, Operation Ivy
See Also Band of Asians, Silent Minister
Moods Rebellious, Brash, Angry, Manic, Rollicking, Messy, Rambunctious, Sprawling, Chaotic, Angst-Ridden, Melancholy, Brooding, Fiery, Cathartic, Humorous, Quirky, Dramatic
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Patrick Lew's Band. Solo Grunge musician who promotes his music via Internet on websites like this. I'm an underground rock star making this nonsense Punk Rock music in my bedroom.

Patrick Lew's Band (sometimes known as The Lew Crue) is the solo project of Taiwanese American musician, songwriter, artist and writer Patrick Lew. He has also played guitar and pursued music in other projects with other musicians such as Band of Asians, Silent Minister and other lesser known local San Francisco rock/metal bands. His music is known production and recording wise, chaotic and unconventionally recorded and mixed like a jigsaw puzzle. But stylistically by sound and lyrically, is Alternative Rock and Pop Punk music with socially conscious and idiosyncratic themes. In addition to music, Lew is also an amateur Philosophy and creative writer and contributed small acting roles in plays locally for his schools.

Right now, I'm keeping everything LOW-KEY. For many reasons. I have college, family and other opportunities to jam with schoolmates and online friends because of boredom to show our passion for making and playing Rock music on our gear. I don't have a lot of time to play gigs because, I am busy with college and my personal life at this time. But music will always be a passion for me, either recording or playing it center stage. I did play shows in my former bands locally in bars and small places, but that was awhile earlier before I took college seriously.

MP3 and Internet changes everything. Helps unknown people who CREATE music get heard. By setting up a website and, writing a story and showcase our music on a computer and the Internet. It changes everything. Before, there wasn't easy ways to get your band's music heard unless you played lots of shows, had your song played on MTV or Radio and had a CD or tape sold in record stores. Now anyone, regardless, can record their music at home and put it up online with today's technology. God bless reality.

I would say, yes and no to signing with a major record company. Because, while I love being an independent rock musician after all. Promoting my songs and writing my story on websites like this. I still want recognition and make an IMPACT with whatever I am doing. But I say no, because I am a very complicated Asian guy who is against the traditions and politics of the music industry. I had many friends growing up in the San Francisco music scene who wanted to get signed to a major or indie record label, in bands, but many of whom didn't get far from just playing gigs at bars and clubs. I also am against people suddenly sucking up to me, after years of alienation and hardships I've experienced not only in the music industry. But in reality. But I still want success and recognition for my music and me. Yeah.

My interests in music is always expanding. I was initially into typical 80's Hard Rock and The Beatles and Classic Rock music from my mom's Baby Boomer generation as a little Asian toddler playing my Nintendo and toys. I eventually, got into underground rock music when I came of age sort of when I started learning how to play guitar at a Chinese music school in San Francisco's Chinatown at age 13. I come from a Hard Rock and Punk background musically, so I listened to a lot of that growing up. I have a lot of 80's and 90's rock influence, mainly Hair Metal and Seattle Grunge. But I feel perplexed nowadays with my youthful nostalgia of the countless music I listened to, and living in another time capsule. I recently been opening myself to other styles of music such as roots music like Jazz and Blues. I like almost everything, even my Asian culture's J-Pop and Electronica. I can't think of any music I hate outside of conventional bland American pop music and some Country. And, what Emo music became when it got mainstream.

In short, my favorite music influence-wise when making my OWN music is Hard Rock and Punk.

Bands I was influenced by are: The Velvet Underground, The Beatles, Aerosmith, Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Green Day, Soundgarden, Silverchair, Motley Crue, Tesla, Sex Pistols, Operation Ivy, Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat, Beyond (Hong Kong Band), Jesus And Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine...

Bands I liked when I came of age but lost interest in: Nu Metal (Limp Bizkit, in particular), J-Pop (I still dig it though...I like J-Rock like L'Arc-En-Ciel but haven't paid attention to Japanese or Asian pop music lately), MOST mainstream Hip Hop today (I don't get it at all, I loathe it). Early 2000s Pop Punk (Blink 182, Sum 41....But I still respect them, I even met Blink at Virgin Records as a teenager)

Nowadays I am trying to be a grown up and listen to music that fits my current age of 24 years old. Expanding to lesser known forms of Alternative Rock and mainly supporting underground music, especially on here.

East Bay, California is where the spot's at. Anywhere else? School, only with the company of close schoolmates and friends. Other than that, home sweet home in Antioch, playing my Xbox 360. Reading and playing guitar in my room. And going on to keep in contact with friends online on my computer. And being in my home studio making crappy but interesting music, and playing a gig onstage when time permits me to do so. I love to entertain and give art and music to the people, and earn appreciation for what I do.

Gibson Les Paul guitar. Epiphone Les Paul "hotWheels" guitar. Marshall MG10 amp. Boss DS-2 distortion pedal. Digitech RP50 multi-effects pedal. Acoustica Mixcraft for PC. My DELL laptop running Windows Vista....And I record using Line6 TonePort GX for my guitar when using Mixcraft. And I program the drum loops. I also use Cakewalk to record, and Native Instruments Guitar Rig 3.

Check out my RELATED websites online where everyone around the world almost goes on or has a profile on when surfing shit on their computer.

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