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Devitto P
Devitto P

Oregon, United States

Urban / Alternative Rap

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“Devitto P. is as fun to listen to as he is to watch LIVE. His soft voice and smooth tone are a perfect
contrast to the sexy dance beats and his songs are easy to sing along to. “The Blacklight” is very catchy
and it is sure to make everyone hit the dance floor!” - Michelle Andujar, Salem Weekly
“Devitto P. is the future of urban music.” – Marco Vandegraaf, Peppelaar Media
Devitto P.’s original Hip Hop and Harmony sound is influenced and inspired by artists such as Ludacris,
Jagged Edge, Keri Hilson, Scarface, Ice Cube, Bobby Brown, and Nate Dogg. The album tells a distinct
and relatable story from beginning to end. The title track, “Blacklight”, has been playing on radio
stations and in nightclubs across Asia and Europe since its release in late October 2010. Currently,
Devitto P. is ranked #1 on the local Reverbnation hip hop chart and #2 for all genres in Salem.
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