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Central Florida
Florida, United States

Alternative / New Wave

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DestinationDawn is a singer-songwriter who has a ethereal dreamlike quality to her music...coined "DreamWave" Her songs define the struggle of the human soul through life's journey and the battle between the flesh and the spirit.

This artist writes all the lyrics and music for her many compositions and contributes the lead and backing vocals, keyboards, guitar, flute, mandolin, and congas, along with many other instruments in a blend that is very distinct, but yet eclectic. She also engineers and produces all of her music. She is currently based in Central Florida, emigrating from New York, where her writing began. She was highly influenced by her parents' show business background. Her parents were the famous "Skating Olympics" of vaudeville, burlesque, and movie fame. Growing up, DestinationDawn began performing on stage as a dancer, and later as a model. However, music was always a passion in her life. She majored in music in college and has been in various rock bands over the years. She has performed in the past with the Ocala Festival Orchestra and is presently playing keyboards in a Praise and Worship band in Lady Lake. She is making guest appearances with various bands in different projects. StarWing Productions produces all of her compositions and is owned and operated by DestinationDawn.


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