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Denise Stewart-Bates
Denise Stewart-Bates

Texas, United States

Smooth Jazz / Singer/Songwriter

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Denise Stewart Bates - Vocalist

Denise is an international recording artist who has many years of experience in every kind of vocal arena. She began singing at six years old when she had to stand in for her mom at a church function. Her background in music began with the Chorale experience in a small Methodist church in Chicago, Illinois. Her father introduced her to Miles, Coltrane and Billie Holiday and she's been singing ever since.
After high school, Denise enrolled in the music conservatory at Roosevelt University as a Piano Major, with a minor in composition. She transferred to Fisk University in her Sophomore year, where she graduated with honors in music. While there, she had the pleasure of working with Quincy Jones, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald and Melba Moore - to name a few.
Pete Moore (formerly of the Miracles) was one of the first producers to take an interest in Denise. Pete signed Denise to her first recording contract on Satellite records, which rendered the disco smash "Victim". The young musician on Denise's first project was none other than Craig T. Cooper! They began collaborating on his projects and the rest is (as they say) history! But it was while playing piano bar at the "Simply Blues" that Norman Connors walked in and walked out promising that he would return with something 'special' for her. He kept his promise. She began touring with Norman as a featured vocalist making appearances at such famous places as the Wiltern Theatre, Hammersmith Odeon (with Ronnie Laws, Jean Carne and Lonnie Liston Smith), The Borderline and "B" Smiths in New York. Denise went on to appear on numerous albums for numerous artists: Marion Meadows, Mark Winkler, Duke Jones, Ronnie Laws as well as Craig T. Cooper & Norman Connors. She’s also appeared as Billie Holiday in the play “THE QUEEN & FRIENDS” at the Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood as well as THE CINEGRILL in Hollywood with Eloise & Debra Laws, Norman Connors as well as Andre Fischer (former drummer with Rufus) where they received wonderful reviews upon their 4-day stint there. Her list of studio credits is extensive and quite impressive.
One of Denise’s proudest moments in her career occurred in January 2009, when she had the honor of performing at the LINKS BALL in Washington D.C. She was featured with ACC’s Jazz Band under the direction of Dr. Thom Husak.
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