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Open Road
#167 in Country SongVault Certified
Open Road
Open Road
Length: 3:39
On Network Since Sep 5, 2008
The Opry Patsy and Me
#11 in Country SongVault Auditions
The Opry Patsy and Me
Tribute to Patsy
Length: 3:06
On Network Since Jul 23, 2011
Watching the world go by
#12 in Country SongVault Auditions
Watching the world go by
Tribute To Patsy
Length: 3:04
On Network Since Jul 23, 2011
#15 in Country SongVault Auditions
Tribute to Patsy
Length: 2:40
On Network Since Jul 23, 2011
Deby Kelley
SongVault Certified Artist Deby Kelley

Pennsylvania, United States

Country / Country Western

Listen to Deby Kelley
My name is Deby Kelley and I am rapidly moving up the ladder of success.
My passion for singing came at a very young age, I sang and danced most of my younger
years. At the age of 11 years old I was introduced to the movie industry. Several of the
movies that I was casted in were: The Incredible Shrinking Woman, Bad News Bears,
Mommy Dearest and Ghost of Buxley Hall. I was also in several commercials which were
sponsored by Tootsie Roll and Coca Cola. I opened up Small World Dance Studio in Fontana
California when I was 19 yrs old. I taught Tap, Jazz, Hawaiian, Tahitian, Baton and
Gymnastics and did very well. In 1986 I went to work for Fontana Unified School District as
a school bus driver. After my duty as a bus driver I would come and put my dancing shoes
on and start my dance classes. I was able to do this while raising my two children along
with two foster children.
In March of 2006 I traveled to Nashville to record my first major demo CD. I then went back
later in July to finish the 10 song album. My first CD titled OPEN ROAD was released in April
2007 and is doing very well. It is being played in Australia, Ireland, Japan ,United Kingdom
and Europe as well as here in the states. This CD has had two reviews one by International
Country Music Database which scored a 3 stars status and the other by Maverick Magazine
out of the United Kingdom which was very good as well and also ranked as a 3 star review.
My passion is being on stage performing. I have had the opportunity to open up for several
well known artists.
I am a 6th cousin to Pasty Cline and hope that someday I will be able to follow in her foot
steps as a well known female artist. In 2008 I will be compiling a group of songs from the
beginning of Patsy's career that is not only important to me, but my family and also Patsy's
long time fans and recording them in Nashville this Summer. This Cd should be available by
the later part of 2008. My goal for me right now is to make my way to the Grand Ole Opry
and stand center stage with the spirit, heart and souls of the past, present and the future
artists. I will not stop until I have reached this goal.

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