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Debra Hadraba
Debra Hadraba

Saint Paul
Minnesota, United States

Singer/Songwriter / New Acoustic

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Debra is a singer/songwriter, author, videoblogger, cartoonblogger, honor your truth community founder, braveheart women founding member. She is an authentic giving emotional performer. She is straight from the heart. She just finished a first of its kind enhanced CD, "Time On Fire"... it is LOADED with additional content if you put it in your computer- cartoon eBook, video eBook and more. She is currently in the studio working on the musical content for 2 more CDs of the same nature. You can sign up for her newsletter on hthe website and receive the "Love Book" and updates on other new releases.

"Thank you for listening. I am very grateful. My mission is to inspire others to follow their heart and do what they love. I truly know what it is like to be so lost that you don't even know what that means anymore. It is so painful and even life threatening. It is my wish no one suffer in silence, waiting for their "real life" to start, waiting to sing their "song". This world would be a much better place if our souls were free to be who we truly are...human nature is good nature. xxoo, Debra"
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