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Deanna Rose
Deanna Rose

Washington, United States

Instrumental Pop / Adult Contemporary

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Deanna Rose is an independent contemporary pianist living and performing in the Pacific Northwest.

Deanna started playing piano at age 4, learning and playing by ear. She began her classical training at age 9. She had already written a few songs and continued to write music through her teens. After graduating with a BA in Fine Art from Western Washington University in 1993, Deanna gained more freedom with improvisation which "freed" her to create music as she wanted. An amazing current of creativity started flowing.

Deanna's original arrangements are delightful, and have a spiritual transportive quality. Many fans describe their experience while listening to Deanna's music as being taken to unexpected and surprising places. With relaxing melodic and classical elements, you can't help being drawn to picturesque places and soft quiet emotional landscapes.

Deanna is excited to share her melodies in her July 2007 release Beacon of Light. She is the sole producer, songwriter, performer on her albums with a guest vocal performance by Theresa Parr. Previous releases were "Simplcity" and a freshman home release "Transitions."

"In a world without peace, her music soothes and salves the heavy heart, providing a safe sanctuary of softness to gently rest our souls upon." - Dan Taylor
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