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Dead Man
Dead Man

Florida, United States

HipHop / Rap

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Straight from the inner streets of Miami Florida comes a multi-talented artist who calls himself " Dead Man". Dead Man is a 28 year old male hip hop artist with the talent to write exclusive hits! His poetic real life lyrics along with classical melodies stands him out from any ordinary artist. He is definately an upcoming legend in this Hip Hop Game. Dead Man's music is based on his real life experiences which everybody from all walks of life can relate too. In other words, "He keeps it real for the streets"!. His music will definately make an impact in this Hip Hop game. Many of his fans has labeled him as one of the best undiscovered artist in this Hip Hop era. Dead Man's double hit single is definatly a classic. Be the first to own your exclusive copy by purchasing his single directly from cdbaby. Be on the look out for his upcoming album " Crying on Paper".
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