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Gone to soonvol 1
#42 in International SongVault Certified
Gone to soonvol 1
Tribute to Dennis Brown
Length: 3:50
On Network Since Nov 13, 2008
Sheldon Sr vol 1 artist
#43 in International SongVault Certified
Sheldon Sr vol 1 artist
Length: 3:42
On Network Since Nov 13, 2008
DB50th Anniv -Bday Tribute
SongVault Certified Artist DB50th Anniv -Bday Tribute

San Diego
California, United States

Caribbean / Worldbeat

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Dennis Brown 50th anniv day ww Tribute last 2 yrs see store has our cddvd vol 1 then vol 2 in 09 The Crown Prince of Reggae had 70 albums 530 collaborations died july 1 99 at 42 Gone too soon track on my cd 25 tracks dvd 92 mindocumentary with his friends collaborators artists he mentored or influenced as Caibbean singer style to emulate, Marleys favorite singer its documented link to or hereslookinatyouent! 9 pges linked up as of April 20 we are on over 900 sites link up to us
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