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David Park
David Park

Connecticut, United States

Instrumental Rock / Hard Rock

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It is safe to say that David Park is Connecticut's best kept secret. With the release of Alien Sun, listeners will take in an interesting approach to the progressive rock genre. Park performs every instrument featured in this new CD. He began recording Alien Sun as an instrumental album, but the project evolved to include lyrics on 3 tracks. And just when he thought the project couldn’t get any more interesting, he receives an intriguing Christmas gift from his wife; a two stringed spike fiddle called an erhu whose origin dates back to ancient China some 1000 years back. Alien Sun was never meant to include this fascinating instrument but upon hearing its graceful tones Park was captivated, and with the help of the internet he managed to teach himself all the while recording the rest of the instruments for Alien Sun. The album is very masterfully crafted as East and West are cleverly interwoven in a kaleidoscopic musical pattern without the two colliding against one another. While some tracks contain an entertaining array of high energy grooves, others have a strong Easterly presence with emotionally melodic overtones. Yet all maintain the spirit of the driving progressive rock style that fans have come to expect from this genre. It is a popular belief that this amazing instrument and progressive rock were never meant to be together, but Park manages to get them not only to play nicely together, but to have them excel in an incredibly exciting listening experience whose charming and haunting melodies stay dancing around the listener's head long after the stereo is turned off.
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