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All Songs After a Brief Intermission Too Cool For Words
Come On In
#10 in Easy Listening SongVault Certified
Come On In
After a Brief Intermission
Lounge / Vocal
Length: 3:03
On Network Since Jan 29, 2008
#42 in Folk SongVault Certified
Too Cool For Words
Folk Rock
Length: 5:09
On Network Since Jan 29, 2008
David Burns
SongVault Certified Artist David Burns

Washington, United States

Singer/Songwriter / Soft Rock

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December 31, 2008 - Happy New Year to all.
Want to thank you all again for listening to my tunes, they all come straight from the heart and I'm absolutely amazed at the response they have received.
So... where do I start?

COME ON IN - Easy Listening, my only 'sexy little ditty'. Wrote this after listening to a day of Rod Stewart Standards. Grew up with the oldies and never grew out of it
Waiting Here for You - Rock N Roll, Kinda on the Huey Lewis and the News style
One Last Dance - Singer/Songwriter, story goes my folks met during a blind date and my dad went home and told his folks he met the girl he was going to marry. All my life I watched them dance together one of the things they loved doing together. I lost my mom this last year and can imagine this thought going through my father's head from time to time...'Just one last dance'. This is for them.
I also have other tunes you might enjoy but will have to visit my other site for that. My music sways from Rockers (Andrea, State of Mind, High Wire)to Country (Just a Song, Don't Cry For Me Slip of the Tongue), Smooth Jazz (A Brief Intermission), and from Theme based tunes (Mary Go Round, 3 Words) to Lullabyes (Sleep Baby Sleep) and other songs for my 'Princess'.

So once again "Thank You" for helping make my dream come true and for sharing that dream.

David Burns
Writer, singer, player, dreamer.
Love you to take a listen...
Let me know what ya think.
"Close your eyes...
....Make a wish...
........Count to Three..."
I'm always interested in your
feelings, thoughts and comments.
Contact me at:
or visit me at...
and watch the video...
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