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David Badillo
David Badillo

New York, United States

Christian / Praise / Worship

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Contemporary Christian Band from New York City. City Bridge Worship was formed in July of 2013. Their goal is to create songs that connects the human soul to the Almighty God. Some themes found in their music are revival, salvation, and spiritual resistance.

Their Debut Single was released on September 15th of 2014. The band is currently working on their second single and writing to release their debut E.P. album in 2015.

Audiences that have had the opportunity to experience City Bridge Worship have been raving about the presence of God that is ushered in by the band. The movement of God has been clearly evident at their events. Audiences are not only enjoying a wonderful night of music, but also experiencing a deeper connection to God.

The band is currently on a campaign to perform in various events throughout the northeast united states. Comprised of 7 members representing the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn, they hope to represent the Big Apple in the Christian Music Genre and present unique and original songs to bless the Body of Christ and those who are afar from it
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