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Dancetime With Linda & Roland
Dancetime With Linda & Roland

Seal Beach
California, United States

Easy Listening / Swing

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2008 update info
Unfortunately on October 3, 2007, my love, friend and partner, Roland, passed away. However the music continues as Dancetime With Linda. I will forever be grateful for all of Roland's input. Love you forever.

New Song - Ode To The Sutliff Bridge
This song is about a 110 year old bridge in Iowa that lost one span due to the floods of June 2008. It is a sort of bridge to nowhere but people just plain have a great time there. It is hopeful that the 2 remaning spans will be saved. This is my song about a great piece of history.

"125 Years Of Experience"
Hey we are 2 old people playing ballroom dance music. Yes we are live and alive.

Dancetime with Linda & Roland is a duo with a big band sound. We play music for ballroom dancing in the Los Angeles area including, foxtrot, swing, waltz, latin, line dance, country, and even polka. You can find our music on There are both instrumentals and vocals. Check out our song Gasoline Blues, a song of the times.

Linda plays the A word - ACCORDION - the latest midi accordion from the Roland Corp.
Roland plays electronic drums.
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