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D Callens & Yo Debleau
D Callens & Yo Debleau

Alabama, United States

HipHop / Rap / HipHop / Rap

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Back House Music was founded by D.Callens and Yo Debleau, two Birmingham, Al natives. The name Back House is derived from Yo Debleau's grandmother's home, where she had a smaller house behind the main house. Back in slavery times, this was the slave quaters. Many slaves worked for their masters and slept in this crowded small Back House, away from their owners. As years progressed and slavery ended, slave owners moved out of the inner city into the outer limits. Yo Debleau's late grandfather purchased this home and later the oldest siblings occupied the Back House. Bringing you up to date, Yo Debleau moved in the Back House when he started college, and his childhood friend D.Callens & him became intrigued by music and its affect on mankind. Eventually, they both decided to go at the game full force. Yo Debleau sacraficed his place of living, and they put money into renovating the Back House, then converted it into a studio & small office. From four beams on the front porch, to two young men revealing their dreams. After the studio's completion in 2003, they searched for engineers and producers, but no one wanted to lend a helping hand. As a result, the two young men spent two years learning about various audio programs as well as production. Back House Music was founded on making music from the heart, and not conforming to the things that others do. No one give props to copy cats! Back House Music strives on being different and innovative! They have something for everybody!
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