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The Haven
Connecticut, United States

HipHop / Rap / Urban

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Who is Mob Music Records, LLC?

To understand who Mob Music Records is, you must first know the brain behind the company. D-Dub was born in Kansas City, MO in 1979. He began life as the youngest son of a 3 person home. Raised solely by his mother, he grew up in the inner city streets of KC, MO and Minneapolis, MN. Going through multiple trials and tribulations in life, he is able to reflect his experiences in his music.

D-Dub discovered his niche for music in the late fall of 2000. Always loving hip-hop and R & B and feeling what others had to say in their music, he decided it was time for him to step into the game and give it a new twist...his twist. By the end of the year 2000, he named his new entrepreneurship, MOB MUSIC RECORDS. With little knowledge of the music industry and how to operate a keyboard he went for it full force. D-Dub picked up a $40 keyboard and began to teach himself how to play. By January of 2001 he was mastering this complicated machinery, and creating beats that played over in his head time and time again. By the end of that month he purchased a Triton and was on his way. Now able to start recording the beats that played constantly in his head, he put together a small studio in a vacant room in his three bedroom apartment.

Working as an independent record company owner D-Dub, has produced tracks for multiple indie artists, such as Pittsburgh Philthy out of Kansas City, MO, Myss Wyld Chyld out of Oakland, CA, King Wells out of Kansas City, MO and G-Nice out of Connecticut. He has also completed three albums, and several mix tapes. He is working hard to build an empire with his production, albums and mix tapes.

Even with a family of his own, he continues to move forward to accomplishing his dream of being worldly known as a producer and artist. D-Dub makes music to touch all walks of life. He is able to respect and understand all genres of music, and hopes his listeners can respect what he has to offer the game.
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