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Yellow Taxi
#207 in Electronic SongVault Certified
Yellow Taxi
The Collection
Chillout / Lounge
Length: 4:21
On Network Since Sep 17, 2007
Cynthia Basinet
SongVault Certified Artist Cynthia Basinet

los angeles
California, United States

Smooth Jazz / Alternative Country

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New FULL LENGTH CD, "THE COLLECTION"available thru iTunes.

Artist description:

"For Cynthia Basinet, her voice itself is an instrument. In terms of emotional power, it's a lethal weapon. Sensual, emotionally damaged and world-weary, Basinet's vocals have the makings of a film noir femme fatale...'

Cynthia Basinet (aka "c. basinet") is a rarity; combining acting prowess, natural beauty and the voice of an angel. Her speakeasy, smoldering styling is at once modern and fresh while recalling Hollywood's Golden Era.

From the bio:

The leggy comedic redhead began her career as a fashion model in San Francisco. After five more years of international modeling successes in Paris (where she learned to speak fluent French and studied French cinematography), London and Milan, she returned to Los Angeles. Later, after appearing in music videos for the likes of Roy Orbison and the Babys, she used her talent array to bridge into acting appearing in movies, TV shows and national commercials.

Always a classically trained musician, since childhood (when she first learned to play the flute, sax and sing) and an astute businesswoman, Basinet established an entirely new channel of distribution for her music using the Internet to bypass the usual Hollywood and recording industry path to bring her releases directly to listeners around the World. With worldwide radio play and millions of downloads (however, often credited to Marilyn Monroe, who never recorded the song) she has created an entertainment phenomenon with her rendition of "Santa Baby" (also in the film, "Party Monster").

She continues recording and acting while using her music to raise awareness for many, including a trip in May/June of '01 to refugee camps in the Western Sahara.

The CDs, "For You With Love" and "The Collection" are available thru Amazon and digital distribution.

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Nobel Peace Prize Nominee 2005 (shared)
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