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Minnesota, United States

Trip Hop

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Brandin R. Davis

Brandin R. Davis is the name behind the voice you're about to hear taking over the airwaves, delivering its lyrical edge across a soundscape of infectious beats. Hip-hop will never be the same again now that Davis is on the scene, bringing his attitude and unique approach to beat-based lyricism and sheer musical greatness.


Davis is devoted to music and to the fans. He believes in giving the most, which means speaking from the heart, being honest, offering the best music possible and being original. He's got all that down. He's a credit to the hip-hop scene and to music in general. “As far as emotions go, my music is all of my emotions focused on the desire to create a memorable musical experience for the listener.”


And Davis believes hip-hop should be smart and have something real to say, not just regurgitate random violence and shallowness. There's nothing wrong with an edge and an attitude, but what's the message behind it all? “Music should be charismatic, emotional, alluring, heavily metaphorical, hypnotically understandable and sometimes quietly lustful.” Davis touches on all these things in his music and delivers songs that are fully entertaining but are rich with meaning and potent ideas.

The Artist at Work

Davis has already seen his work appear on a number of compilations and he's got an eye toward the future. Touring is definitely part of the plan and will be the next step in getting the music out there. Writing is ongoing and he describes the importance of her creative process: “I take notice of all the textures that are layered and carefully match each piece. The writing aspect of music should be as important as the actual production.” When it comes to recording, “I try to make sessions short and sweet and exciting but controlled.” He's already got a number of future albums in the planning stages. Davis is currently working with A&R Select, the leading indie A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.


“Hip-hop's got a new edge with Brandin Davis.” - A&R Select
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