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Craig Siegelbaum
Craig Siegelbaum

Long Island
New York, United States

Instrumental Rock

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Guitarist/Composer Craig Siegelbaum formerly of the acclaimed NY band Supergenius has made music for most of his life. Taking a wide range of influences, Craig has created his own style. His main focus the past couple of years has been writing and recording instrumental music for television and film. Craig's music has been spun by several DJ's from around the country. He also has written,performed and/or recorded with Singer/songwriter Gina Cutillo and has also had the pleasure of working with Brian Desveaux(nine days),Twenty After, jammed with Johnny B.Hive and Earthling Massive among others. Craig is currently a guitarist/songwriter for the band Half Circle Drive. A band that he helped form. For more information on Craig and his music visit:
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