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Cort Delano
Cort Delano

Alberta, Canada

Americana / Contemporary Folk

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The Claresholm-born, Calgary-based songwriter and poet, Cort Delano, sings about homegrown experiences. Taking a roots approach to music Cort forges a new generation of songs, reflecting the folks, their histories and the places that he's journeyed. The songs are his poems that weave through hard-times, humiliations, and celebrations; satirical wit and poignant storytelling convey a vivid range of emotions on such compelling tracks as "At the Gates" and "Patches". Which have caught the attention of the Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal and Pincher Creek Echo. The toe-tapping arrangements and organic melodies of his songs are reminiscent of Bob Dylan and Townes Van Zandt.

Audience members of Cort's live show have compared his stage presence to the likes of Arlo Guthrie and Stompin' Tom Connors. Cort's performances are vibrant and engaging, full of heart and emotion. He has taken this energy around North America from San Francisco to Toronto. His popularity is growing with past performances at Heritage Park, Spruce Meadows (Calgary), Chapters/Indigo, South Country Fair, opening up for John Wort Hannam and most recently for the Webber Brothers and Kinny Star.

Compared to his first album Fools Moon, the 14 original compositions on Sad Sorry-Ass Folk Singer, demonstrate his growth both as a musician and as a songwriter revealing his diversity to cross musical genres. "The songs on my first record," observes Cort Delano, "I wrote for personal satisfaction while I was discovering music as a creative outlet. Then I began to recognize the intricacies of songwriting, the inlays and layers and realized it as a trade. And as a masonry chisels in the last notch to complete a cathedral; I too can carve my craft; perpetually honing my skills as a Poet, Songwriter, Historian and a Performer."

“Delano Delivers. Really raw. And raw is real and that is good” DFaires on “Sad Sorry-Ass Folk Singer” . Calgary Songwriter

"A true Poet, with an instinct for the perfect hook, Cort is bound for greatness." Writes Troy Kokol.
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