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Common Man
Common Man

St Louis
Missouri, United States

Christian HipHop / Rap / Christian Urban / R&B

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Common Man is exactly what the stage name implies... yet simultaneously focused and unique. The name has many inspirations all rooted to the fact that the original 12 disciples of Jesus Christ were common people. The name is more of a reminder than a description. He found his passion and received his calling for this art and ministry while still in the United States Air Force. The most notable trait observed during his term of service was his uplifted, positive and people-oriented demeanor. Those facets of his personality are just as tangible in song as they are in person.

After being seen in a local Christian bookstore open mic session, local Holy Hip Hop giant NameLess sought to develop the skills and focus further and contributed to a sound distinctively Christian, however appealing to the listener of any background. When asked "have you always been into Hip Hop" the knee-jerk response is "believe it or not, I used to hate it. Back in the day when I lived in California... I only listened to country. That lasted until I moved to Houston. Performance-wise, I began singing gospel, and I still do. I perform Hip Hop because there is so much more that can be said, you never know what that next thing is that will spark a Christ-centered and life changing decision in a listener's life."

In reference to style -not content, CM was once influenced by Andre 3000, Rakim, and De La Soul. When the point came to change listening preferences, he began to gravitate more toward the music of Da TRUTH, John Reuben, Thousand Foot Krutch, LA Symphony, and strongly toward Mars Ill. Interestingly enough, as a St. Louis artist... he really doesn't sound like one in many of his songs. Over the years his talents have been enriched and his style has gotten more distinctive. Those changes are easily seen in the timeline progression of music... starting with Element, the 2006 debut release. Since Album one, Element, Common Man has also been included in the Christ Hitmakers volume 1 compilation by Pure Productions in 2007 and invited again to the sequel, Christ Hitmakers volume 2 in 2008.
The latest in Common Man's musical timeline is FOCUS, with a few feature artists, more style and most importantly, more gospel. The growth of Common Man has been exponential and on the new project that becomes evident -whether live in performance or on CD.
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