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Coemgen Savage
Coemgen Savage

Devon, United Kingdom


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COMEG's recording career began in 2002 in a basement in Devon on a basic home studio.

COMEG consists of vocalist, song writer and producer Coemgen Savage, Bassist Casey Rybak and Ash Lawrence on drums. The band originate from Liverpool, Birmingham and Exeter respectively.

Their first self produced album was released in 2003 and they have since recorded 6 more albums.All albums are freely available to download from the band's website -

All albums have recieved outstanding reviews, most of which are composed of comments such as

"Comeg creates the sort of rock anthem you could only dream of writing mixing in other-worldly atmospherics to amazing effects. Itís surely is amazing what you can do at home" - Pete Stanley -

"Comeg's songs (One Day) are hook-laden, riff-loaded, emotionally charged works that tend to get right under your skin and haunt you for ages after." ~ Toxic Pete -

"There is a howling brilliance to his voice, a crunching crooniness, just something that you wouldn't find elsewhere"- Edward -

. . . the melodic sweetness of McCartney, the clever, edgy lyrics of Lennon, and the upfront sexuality of the Stones. All wrapped in a production style that reminds me of Jeff Lynne / ELO. Whatís not to love . . . Norm Bowler - godsofmusic. com"

Sometimes, you get a demo through the door and within one listen you are left wondering why on earth this band has not been signed up by a record label. One such band is Comeg, simply stunning. Scott Brown - Heathen

COMEG has also written several tunes for independent movies.

The band are also played on both local and international radio stations and featured on literally hundreds of Podcasts all over the world.

The new album "Touched With Fire" took 4 years to write due to frontman, songwriter and producer Coemgen Savage's diagnosis and struggle with the mood disorder Bipolar.Like all other COMEG albums, this is also free to download from the official website.
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