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New York City
New York, United States

Hard Rock / Rock

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One guy had a guitar. That guy knew a guy with drums. He had a sister who was dating a guy who had a roommate with a bass. That guy worked with a bartender who knew this x-drunk guy who sang in chorus in high school… and Clyde was born. Using the old school approach, taking time to write catchy and hard rockin’ tunes, Clyde spent the first part of 2005 writing and rehearsing. In August of 2005, Clyde released the EP "Drowned". The release brought with it a 6-month string of shows through NYC's famous clubs, including CBGB’s, Knitting Factory, Continental and pretty much every other club in the 5 boroughs. The spring of 2006 found Clyde heading back to the studio. The attention received from their first release attracted some new faces for this album. Kevin Crouse (Nas, Diddy, Black Eyed Peas) came on board to mix and Fred Kevorkian (White Stripes, Iggy pop) to master. Recording began in June of 2006 but Clyde was plagued with "Spinal Tap" disease; the group went through 2 different bass players in 3 months. Once the new bass player was finally in place, the group returned to recording. Clyde released "Blank Stares and Dialogue Reruns" in February 2007. Within one week of it’s release, “Dead To The World” began getting airplay on Radio X 94.7 in New York and “Cruel Summer” debuted on the podcast Coverville. During the spring of 2007, Clyde will focus its attention on festivals, press and airplay- so watch your back, Clyde is on the move
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