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Cliff Dawe
Cliff Dawe

Manitoba, Canada

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Cliff Dawe Is a Traditional Country artist who now resides in the city of Winnipeg, Canada. He presently has been sidelined by cancer and all the therapy that goes with it, however, he has successfully brought it to remission and is now out of the danger zone!
At the point of having discovered his cancer in 2004, Cliff was performing as a solo act! Cliff whose band responsibilities was Lead vocalist, rhythm guitar player and leader of Little Big Band ( Canadian Country Version ) along with his counterpart Anna Perreault played bar, lounge, cabaret, fair and rodeo venues throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario Canada.

They started their band in August of 1988 and there were changes throughout the years as stated above but, Cliff continued on with his music until the discovery of his ill health.
Cliff misses his music a great deal and would like to get back into the swing of things!

Cliff is an independent artist who came close to being signed with Warner Brothers ( Canada ) and was offered a deal by Comstock Record's executive Frank Fara of Scottsdale, Arizona wherby a mutual agreement couldn't be reached so the relationship didn't materialize.
The same thing happened with Joey Welz of Caprice Records in Philidelphia

Cliff has come close to reaching his goal and has seen the promised land which makes him more determined than ever to hang one on the wall and get invited to dinner!
A feat that is even more difficult these days for Independent Traditional Country Singers especially on Main Stream radio, however Cliff says if he didn't succeed with Traditional Country Music he really wouldn't want to bother with it!
For Cliff it is about the music, the art and a way of communicating and preserving a Lifestyle!

During 1990 - 1991 Cliff received extensive airplay in Europe and Canada with help from Anya Wilson's RDR Complimations promotion company out of Toronto.
This time he is handling the job himself and learning a whole new trade in the process!

Cliff said," I need to pray, need a little luck, need a few friends so I can eat tomorrow and play today"! This time around it is time to enjoy the music , to just be myself and not be so concerned with the steeple chase!
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