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Chris Yates
Chris Yates

Washington, United States

Adult Contemporary / Rock & Roll

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About Chris Yates
In this age of fast moving quick changing times there always seems to be someone out there who’s extreme talent just slips through the cracks and they never get a chance at greatness. This has been the case for Chris Yates. Chris has been performing around the Seattle area for many years, has sung at the Seahawks games and the Mariners games and is currently performing in two bands one of which is mine “The Silhouettes band” . We always get comments about his great voice which cuts through and lifts our band to normally unattainable heights. He has written several hundred great songs like “Jessica” never before heard but by only a lucky few. Because of past deals with bad promoters he was very slow to trust anyone. However I am now able to bring his talent out for all to hear.
Chris says the song “Jessica” simply wrote itself. For most of us its not that easy. If you have a little girl this song will hit home like no other.
This is why I have released this song. Simply to introduce the world to Chris’s talent.
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