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Chosen One
Chosen One

North Carolina, United States

HipHop / Rap / Dirty South

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"Chosen One" is one of the most talented and versatile hip-hop artists around. The hit Songwriter/Recording Artist was able to catch the attention of some of hip-hop's elite. He has recently been sought after by So So Def, Jermaine Dupri's label which was also affiliate with Virgin Records. But after being offered a deal that wasn't in his best interest at the time, Chosen One decided to start his own movement. He started with the release of his Mixtape in 2005 "And It Begins", which featured another one of the Carolina's top MC's "Brandon D." This was the first project that demanded the streetz attention, and made Chosen One's name known throughout North Carolina. After finishing with a Marketing Degree from the University of North Carolina @ Greensboro, Chosen One decided it was time to start his own entertainment label "CO1 Entertainment L.L.C." He felt that he had the know how and drive to guide himself and his label to the national spotlight. Chosen One will be releasing his debut album under his label MARCH 13th. The debut album is titled "I'm Here Now" due to the highly anticipated release. Chosen One is very confident in his debut release and the type of moves it will allow his entertainment company (CO1 Entertainment L.L.C.) to make. Chosen One has put things in place in order to make sure that this release doesn't go over-looked. The album is full of hits, and is the type of album that you will listen to from beginning to end. "I'm Here Now" the album titled single was produced by Davour, who also produced Bad Boy Entertainment's (Sean "P.Diddy" Combs) own "MJG & 8Ball's" platinum singles "Straight Cadillac Pimpin" & "Shot Off feat. Ludacris". With tracks like "Get Money" and "I'm Here Now" you will be able to see the versatility of the Chosen One. Also, tracks like "Do U Like I Do" and "One Night feat. Quan McNair" is sure to win over the ladies. Chosen One's songs paint a picture and allows his listeners to place themselves in his shoes. The tracks were inspired by the life he has lived and witnessed. Chosen One has dedicated his album to his late brother (Dexter O'Neal Pickett) and sister (Elizabeth Gabriel Hinson) R.I.P., for which he shares with his fans on the final album track titled "Unforgotten feat. Darius." Chosen One has put together an album that his fans are sure to love and listen too over and over. The track titled "For You" is for his fans, to let them know that he appreciate them as much as they appreciate him and his music.
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