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Another Go
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Another Go
Virginia Is For Aliens
HipHop / Rap
Length: 3:56
On Network Since Feb 27, 2010
ChilWil Bravado
SongVault Certified Artist ChilWil Bravado

Florida, United States

HipHop / Rap / Dance Pop

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Early Life: ChilWil Bravado real name Wilbur Nathaniel Morris, Jr. was born in Richmond, VA on February 10, 1988, where his interest in music began at the age of four. He would imitate artist on television by singing and dancing for his family. ChilWil always had a greet personality with good looks going for him. At the age of eight, a modeling agency wanted to recruit him but he steered more towards music. In junior high school, he joined the school band and learned how to play the viola. ChilWil started producing music at the age of 16; thats when he started perfecting his skills as a musician. ChilWil always took his interests seriously, especially his education, in which he was always in advanced classes. Taking advanced classes put him in a position to be able to only have to take three classes his senior year. This gave him the time to focus on music by taking piano and guitar lessons. Living in a dynamic cultured place like Virginia,where they incourage originality impacted ChilWil's music alot; allowing him to make music that appeals to the masses rather than your typical HipHop crowd. Musical Career: In 2006 at the age of 18 ChilWil moved by himself to Tampa, F.L. to attend school and to also pursue his music career. During that period ChilWil focused more on his production rather than being an artist. In 2008 him and 5 other friends would go on to form the entertainment group R.L.E. A year later, June 26 2009 to be exact; they would release their debut mixtape 'Follow The Leader Vol. 1 Hosted By: DJ Starline' Now with one project under his belt he is ready to branch off as a solo artist and is now prepping for his debut album, 'Virginia Is For Aliens'; which is digitally being released on iTunes, Amazon, & Rhapsody on Dec.14 2009! His first single 'Astronauts Dinner', is now featured on, GrooveShark & PureVolume online radio. The single was definitely recieved well amongst his fans but was alittle too risque for radio. His second single 'Another Go', a catchy up-tempo radio friendly dance track addressing what it's like to pursue an old relationship after the break-up. This single will definitely be the song that takes ChilWil's career to the next level!! ChilWil Bravado's new single, 'Another Go' peaked at 4 on the top 20 ON DEMAND unsigned artist list! Next Stage: With his style taylored more towards the club scene, ChilWil is now moving out to Las Vegas at the end of January with hopes of breaking through as an artist and becoming a household name! ChilWil will do well in the music industry because he is a driven individual who loves a challenge and believes that hard work pays off. He's a triple threat; Artist, Producer, & Songwriter and has movie star looks! ChilWil musical style is a cross between HipHop, Pop, & Dance; which will attract a huge fanbase. ChilWil is ambitious but also likes to have fun and enjoy what he's doing. ChilWil will be a successful artist & entrepreneur in the music industry.
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