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Kamba chidole
#12 in International SongVault Auditions
Kamba chidole
Length: 3:31
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Bend Over
#14 in International SongVault Auditions
Bend Over
Length: 3:15
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Chiah Genius
Chiah Genius

Meyerton, South Africa

International / Dance Pop

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Chiah genius is a passionate Performer/composer and Singer-Songwriter currently based in Meyer ton, South Africa, whose genre is a mix of dancehall Afro-Hip-hop/Soul & RnB/Pop. However, with an eclectic musical taste, he often enjoys experimenting and discovering all sorts of sounds.
Born into an artistic family, as a child, he often used to accompany and watch perform his mother with her Choir, but never really paid much mind to it. He first fell in love with writing short stories and poems, at the age of 10 years old and then eventually got into writing songs later on. However, he only embarked on an official artistic journey of his own when he started performing in Church in 2011, which quickly morphed him into a musical artist in the years that followed.
In 2013, after a few songs ‘in Mchini Malawi, Chiah genius joined Tagteam music network, with a few mates (thunder reign Dadcorf zingunde who shared the same passion for music and entertainment. Through this, he recorded his song called ‘drive me crazy’ which was collaboration with his ex girlfriend Pemphero (now referred to as Omie) to which he wrote and sang the chorus.
The group later launched a collaborative song like ‘I wish I was a star in 2014, which encouraged Chiah genius to officially pursue music as a career. This later led to his first solo release project, ‘got my attention, which was released in November 2016.
With positive feedback for his first project and a growing fan base, he released another song ‘Bend over’, the following year (2017) in South Africa. That year, he began performing in multiple shows, including his first professional showcase for ‘Easter: East African Performing Arts Market’ in magalisburg, South Africa.
In 2018, Chiah genius released his second mixtape ‘for better for worse, which was received with enthusiasm and allowed him to travel and perform throughout that year that followed, before recently releasing his single ‘shining’. he has now performed in several shows and festivals across South-Africa, including Kigali Up, Amani Festival, Bayimba Festival and the ONGEA Music Summit, to name a few, and he was nominated as one of the top 10 finalists of 2018 Gama music Awards but never won.
With two songs currently released, Chiah genius is now in the process of working on his official just imagine album. He wants to continue to broaden his platform in the years to come, by sharing the stories of his heart and soul through his music; and hopefully inspiring or empowering other young stars across Africa and the globe who dream of doing the same.
Follow chiah genius as he travels through his artistic and human journey and don’t forget to enjoy the ride.
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