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That You Know
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That You Know
HipHop / Rap
Length: 2:34
On Network Since Apr 26, 2007
SongVault Certified Artist Chi-rho

California, United States

HipHop / Rap

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Chi-rho is a dedicated hip-hop lyricist & performer providing a fresh & respectable sound over emotionally gripping beats. His creations supply addictive hooks combined with entertaining & personal topics that even the average hip-hop hater may be compelled to appreciate (even if in secret).

The name Chi-rho (pronounced ‘shy-row’ due to his Chicago nativity) was a name that coincidentally found its owner. In his high school days of writing rhymes, he went by the moniker ‘Chi-town’ for obvious reasons. Eventually the name matured into what it is now, which can be defined most briefly & accurately as the balance of all things.

In 1999, Chi-rho met aspiring producer Blitz of Optive Productions, and Blitz’ close associate Benefit (most known for his underground hip-hop album releases & landslide winning of Napster’s "Power To The People And The Beats,” a contest sponsored by Chuck D). Throughout the next few years Chi recorded a number of songs with Blitz under the independent label Etheric Records, and brought performances to audiences & songs to radio listeners eager for real hip-hop throughout the states of Florida & California. In 2003, Chi-rho’s most significant claim to fame came when his music was featured on the smash hit Comedy Central program ‘Chappelle’s Show’, as well as on the best selling television DVD of all time, ‘Chappelle’s Show: Season 1’.

“We’re curators of the past, we do track renovation / and treat each piece like artifact restoration / cause words when buried, then seem demolished / but sell like hotcakes when cleaned and polished.” This quote, from taken from the song ‘And So On,’ does well at characterizing Chi-rho’s intent as an emcee. His debut album, entitled ‘Oralgami,’ features production by Blitz, and collaborations with Benefit, DJ Quixotic, & 9-clops. In addition, there is a song in the works that has Chi-rho teaming up with West Coast artist Chino XL. ‘Oralgami’ is now completed, and available for the world to hear at and iTunes.
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