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All Songs Bomani-ism Bomani-ism Vol. III Brown Eyes/Sable Skin Vol. 1 Excursions in Jazz
#22 in Jazz SongVault Certified
Excursions in Jazz
Cool Jazz
Length: 2:08
On Network Since Sep 23, 2010
Koochi's Groove
#95 in Rhythm & Blues SongVault Certified
Koochi's Groove
Length: 5:19
On Network Since Oct 15, 2009
#225 in Rhythm & Blues SongVault Certified
Brown Eyes/Sable Skin Vol. 1
Length: 4:02
On Network Since Jan 20, 2008
Latin Boogie
#16 in Latin SongVault Showcase
Latin Boogie
Bomani-ism Vol. III
Latin Dance
Length: 3:23
On Network Since Aug 2, 2011
Chenyelu Bomani
SongVault Certified Artist Chenyelu Bomani

Michigan, United States

Urban / Various

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Chenyelu Bomani is a music producer, musician, writer, storyteller and poet. His music has a global feel spanning many genres and has an eclectic groove designed to push the envelope of mainstream sound.
In addition, his style of Spoken Word has mass appeal.
The current lyrical volume(s) (yes, there is more than one) "Brown Eyes/Sable Skin" grew out of the current societal milieu and has direct root in observations, media and history. The monologue on Vol. 1 explains the current setting for all of the spoken material. It is not just an African American thing!. The characterizations have become a part of the national and global landscape. People will be able to relate to the messages contained within each spoken piece. "There is food for thought and my hopes are that listeners are entertained and will assimilate the music and the messages."

"My intention is that the youth have a better understanding of the things that surround them which can alter their life and the lives of others. Ignorance is not bliss!.
We all have the ability to make choices but it is crucial that when making a choice it is made by an informed decision."

Peace and Love.......Bomani
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