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All Songs Mr. BluTone Live Only Love
Justa Lonely Man
#143 in Blues SongVault Certified
Justa Lonely Man
Only Love
Length: 3:42
On Network Since Sep 20, 2011
Look Over Younders Wall
#144 in Blues SongVault Certified
Look Over Younders Wall
Mr. BluTone Live
Length: 5:21
On Network Since Sep 20, 2011
Charles Maldonado
SongVault Certified Artist Charles Maldonado

Borrego Springs
California, United States

Blues / Indie Pop

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I started playing Blues in 1966 growing up next to Russell City and born and raised in an area that was a mecca for West Coast R&B and Blue's was where I got influenced.I remember my Uncle Johnny Borrero taking my cousins and me to 98th Ave. in Oakland and setting up our instruments on the streets in Oakland , Ca. and seeing the reaction of the locals there was my first intro to the Blues and haved been hooked ever since. I olayed piano and started playing harmonica with a band called Boones Farm Blues band and did my first tour in 1967 openning for Canned Heat at Humbolt College and getting a great response and climed on board for a long ride playing and openning up with variouse Bands and musicians,jamn with some great people over the years.Luther Tucker,Steve Hall,Joe Louise Walker,Paul Woods,Dave Brown the late Stevie Rays best friend from Oak Cliffs , Dallas, played as a guest at The Rum Boogie with James Govan in Memphis,Paul Butterfiields son Gabe Butterfield with the Late Eddy Big Hand Kessler at Callahans in S.C., Ca,,Little John Chrisley,Red Archibald,Jamnd with the late Juinor Wells at the Monterey Blues fest backstage.Freddy Roullet and Luther at 4th street Taavern in San Rafel, Loussianna at La Rous Tire Shop in La Grossetti accross from the Tiger Trck stop,Mike Torres in Lathrop,Izzi and friiends in Modesto at the 9th street Tavern and atn the Midway.Tommy DeVille and friends.layed the Battles of the Bands East Bay with friends??? alsoRockaDay Daisy with Bill Remmington,Rod Rocha,Kieth Swanson and Randy Robertson. at the Alameda County Fair on a Sports Cola traler sponsored by Cannada Dry.with Wingnut Adams and Jerrima Norris.Mario Remarez Richie Valens younger Brother at Mels Cantina, Richard Cowan ( Blue Whale at the Fog Bank and Brittanca Arms in Santa Cruz,jamned at Henflings with the Firebirds.the list goes on and on and I am still pahying my dues!
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