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All Songs Sexy for the Summer
Creepin Thang
#212 in Rhythm & Blues SongVault Certified
Creepin Thang
Sexy for the Summer
Length: 2:10
On Network Since May 22, 2007
Chantz Kacey
SongVault Certified Artist Chantz Kacey

Pennsylvania, United States

Urban / HipHop / Rap

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Chantz Kacey, born as "Courtney Kinard", is a multi-talented 22 year old who has an unstoppable drive to succeed! He has gained continuous notoriety for his ability’s as an R&B artist and songwriter. As he is becoming increasingly popular among his peers and colleagues in the R&B industry, Chantz continues to work hard to prove himself among the elite in the music business. He has been on over 5,000 compilations and mixtapes sold, and has performed at numerous venues including a stunning performance for "Showtime at the Apollo”, while they where on Tour. He also won numerous talent shows.

He grew up in the small urban city or York, Pennsylvania as the oldest of four children, all of whom were boys! Chantz and his younger siblings were raised in the church, under the loving care of their parents of who there mother is an assistant pastor. During his time of adolescence, young Kacey sang on both the children and adult choir’s often singing lead vocals for both choirs. With an ear, tone, pitch, and vocal control far beyond his years, he began to develop more and more of a desire to use the blessing he was given as often as he could. His younger brothers developed these skills as well at a young age, which allowed Courtney to be able to begin to do live performances as he got older with background music and vocals. This gave Chantz early experience in being able to perform in front of large crowds which along the way increased his natural ability as a performer. Throughout high school Chantz Kacey, was in concert choirs, a special singing group of the best concert choir singers, gospel choir, and 2 groups of his own with 3 of his other school mates called "Gifted" and "X-Cel".

As time went on Chantz and his friends went of to separate colleges which led him to pursue his music career as a solo artist and as a writer. Since then, Chantz Kacey is becoming a recognizable face and sound in R&B music, delivering smooth crisp vocals and sultry deep felt lyrics in a way that separates him from other artist in the industry. As Chantz continues to perfect his craft one can only imagine just how much of an effect this shining star is going to have on the future of R&B!!!

Be sure to check out Chantz on this season of "Making The Band" airing June 18th, 2007
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