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Without You
#3 in Talk SongVault Finals
Without You
Spoken Word
Length: 4:52
On Network Since Jun 24, 2008
Cassandra James
Cassandra James

Dania Beach
Florida, United States

Various / Spoken Word

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always giving thanks first, to the 'Most High' for opportunities and blessings.
self taught bass guitarist, drummer/percussionist, song writer. i am purely a writer and musician. i only sing to give my lyrics life but always hear other voices when they are created. Those of you who would like a writer, i can write for all music. i can relay any message for i have felt life.
i journey through life with a positive attitude and the music on the end of my fingers or the end of my tongue. May the words continue to flow and i not hear the word no when i come to you to ask is all say, fo sho! Peace y'all!
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