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All Songs conquer the world one day
can you hear a melody
#334 in Pop SongVault Certified
can you hear a melody
conquer the world
Indie Pop
Length: 2:56
On Network Since Jul 24, 2009
#335 in Pop SongVault Certified
one day
Dance Pop
Length: 3:17
On Network Since Jul 24, 2009
SongVault Certified Artist carpeduke

BW, Germany

Rock / Power Pop

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listening to carpeduke’s music may cause you to question your own sanity

- approaches music as a blank canvas to paint with musical
experiments and immaginations, without any compromises.
- offers a wide range of styles, from dark heavy rock to crazy fun latin pop rock electronica in six different languages always keeping a common thread with often underlined sense of humor through his music.
- refuses to accept the status quo of a narrow minded music industry which is not able to categorize him cause’ carpeduke is a unique category.
- follows his own path and you may find this path is also yours.
Wait for his his new and 4th release “carpeduke”!
- third release "conquer the world": groovy rock, with electronic and experimantal
elements. check the opener “carpe diem” as well as ”can you hear a melody” and the title track “conquer the world”.
- second album "one day" expands his rock into the electronic world with more experimentation and hooky grooves. check tracks as “love song” , “one day”, ”nuts” and for LA”.
- first album "carpe diem" is a pure experimental and alternative rock album packed with catching melodies and elements. check songs like “mendigos”, “waste no time” and "river of life", often twisted lyrics

arranged & mixed by american producer ron reid gardner

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