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I Am Only Myself
#77 in Rhythm & Blues SongVault Certified
I Am Only Myself
Live For The Moments
Length: 5:09
On Network Since Jun 29, 2009
Carol Sue Kirkpatrick
SongVault Certified Artist Carol Sue Kirkpatrick

Kansas, United States

Rock / Easy Listening

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For Many More Songs, Collaborations, Music Downloads, License & Exclusives! An Original Variety of Easy Listening, Pop, Acoustic, Ballads, Soft Rock, Rock, Punk, Funk, Dance, Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Bluegrass, Country, Inspirational, Gospel, New Wave to Electronica & More! And of course the "What genre is that category!" lol..."Carol Sue Kirkpatrick & Friends also at Soundclick!"

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"I Am Only Myself" & "Missing You"

©Words, music & vocal by Carol Sue Kirkpatrick.
Featuring the music rendition, production and mix by Joseph Rodriguez.

I have had the pleasure of meeting some very talented online artists who have been kind enough to collaborate and add musical additions and/or vocals to a few of my songs and also participate in co-writing! These artist names and any additions they have contributed are posted within the song listings.

Special Thanks To: Vic Kirkpatrick, Sherry A. Garrett, Mom Carolyn, Jessica Divine & my Family. Joseph Rodriguez, Essence, Andy-Mantrasolo, Mark Ellis, Mack Sanders, Paul Birkett-Destri, Andy Foyston-AndyF, Laurel Varner, Robert Beall, Dean R. Jutze, James McCormick-Kiopo, Jennifer Rafferty, Saphfire, Hans Mulders-Drainage/D-Connection, Phil McCormick, Darren Winters-Mekanika, Rich Nerney-2Rain/2Rains, Steve Lindsay-Larry Lane Band, Tony Miller, Mike Round-Mykyndryd, Gary Tucker, John Costa, Mark Holley, Phil Kink-2 Charlie, Jody Dickey, Abeey Williams, Chris Maxwell and to all who have participated & enjoyed listening to the music!

Kudos to all the members, friends & listeners at SongVault, MySpace, Soundclick, Mp3unsigned, ReverbNation, Clear Channel NEW!, Mixposure, Indie Gospel Radio, IndyReview, GarageBand, ASCAP, Facebook, and many more great sites!
Thank you! Much love, Carol Sue

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