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Lord Of 1,000 Voltz
#95 in Metal / Hard Rock SongVault Certified
Lord Of 1,000 Voltz
tribal behavior
Hard Rock
Length: 6:25
On Network Since Jan 23, 2011
Latin Rican Night
#34 in Latin SongVault Finals
Latin Rican Night
Tribal Behavior
Latin Jazz
Length: 5:02
On Network Since May 15, 2010
Carlos Soto Tribus
SongVault Certified Artist Carlos Soto Tribus

Pennsylvania, United States

Heavy Metal / Progressive

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Without a doubt Carlos Soto proves that even with just one instrument and a little imagination this bassist is all it needs to rock, for an instrument that sometimes seems to be condemned to back up other musicians, Carlos Soto breaks out his double neck bass to the spotlight and makes no apologies for it . Tribal Behavior delivers a rocking bass instrumental full of dynamic bass lines, bass slapping, bass tapping, bass distorted harmonies, sound effects etc… it’s all here, the perfect recipe for bass players and musicians who appreciate the art of shred. Carlos Soto Tribal Behavior goes beyond today’s music trends.
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