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Carla Tatum
Carla Tatum

Georgia, United States

Contemporary Country / Singer/Songwriter

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Carla grew up around music all of her life. She began singing as a young child in church. Her dad was a minister of the Baptist faith. She coverted to Country in her early twenties and began writing. Carla recorded her first single in Nashville at Angello's Sound Studio intitled "If Only" in 2003 and is presently working on her full length CD. She has played all over the state of Georgia and has been with her own band, The Carla Tatum Band, for the past two years. Her lead guitarist and writing partner is her husband Danny Tatum. 2008 has been an excellent year for The Carla Tatum Band. They got 4th band in the state with Atlanta Country Music .com, Carla got 6th place for Female Vocalist of the Year with Atlanta Country Music .com. May Artist of the Month for Georgia Country .com. and just recently won 1st place for Atlanta's Favorite Country / Bluegrass Artist through Country Atlanta. Carla has been played all over the world through the ACRN Networlk and LOCM Radio. She has also been a guest on AFB Radio which is played in Iraq and Afganistan and all over the Middle East for our Military. She will be doing the benefit A Soldier's Call Home September 27th which will also be broadcasted live to our military through AFB Radio as well. She also continues to play all over Georgia and wouldn't mind playing other states. She's a people person who is devoted to her friends and fans.
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