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Buried Talents Band
Buried Talents Band

Tennessee, United States

Christian Folk / Christian Pop / Rock

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Three Brothers...
Chris - Guitar, tenor vocals, songwriter, ringleader. John Denver meets Chris Rice...
Joe - Lead guitar, vocals, bass, drums. Neil Young on Jesus.
Steve - Guitar, bass vocals. Gordon Lightfoot meets Burl Ives.

Four Others...

Al English, Jr. - vocals, bass, guitar. Phil Keaggy meets Keith Green.
Sheila Zachary - Soprano Vocals. Nicole C Mullen with an attitude.
Austin - Drums. First band but been playing for years. Austin has a lot of talent. He'll go far.
Justin - Sound, Keyboards. Justin is running sound for the band. He can play the keys but is working up to playing with the band.

Separate, they make up several different denominations, styles, and musical sounds... BUT!

Together, they make up a band that worships together in harmony, playing songs by Rich Mullins, Keith Green, Chris Rice, Third Day, FFH, Nicole C Mullen, and a host of others, as well as songs from two albums (one to be released this fall).

See our Website for a lot more info, song samples from both albums, bookings, band bios, Guitar Tab, and more!

So, Why the Strange Name?

In July 2006, Chris Solaas was sitting in a church service, half-listening to his Pastor Tim Lampley talking about the parable of the talents.

Suddenly, something the pastor said got his attention - 'The talent mentioned here could be anything God has given you that you have NOT invested in His kingdom.'

'That's YOU,' God suddenly seemed to say to Chris. 'YOU are that wicked servant. You buried the songwriting talent I gave you.'

It was true. Chris had written songs early in life, from 1976 - 1986, he wrote about 30 love songs, many depressing, some rather good. But since 1986, he'd written only a few songs, all pointedly Christian, when God pounded them into his skull. God had told Chris this before, but all that came out of it was the song, 'A Reward', which you can listen to on our SoundClick site.

This time, God wasn't going to take 'no' for an answer. So Chris said 'ok, God, I'll take whatever songwriting talent I have and use it for Your glory.'

Since that time, God has given Chris about a song a week.

What you are hearing is the first installment in that investment, our first album, Painted On Smiles. Our second album, Forever and a Dayis due out this fall.
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