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bryan gorsira
bryan gorsira

Virginia, United States

Folk Rock / Adult Contemporary

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50 YEARS OLD! What’s with that?

Not sure how I got here, but there it is. As part of a tribute to that age mark, I decided to make a cd of some of the music I have written in the past 30 years of plucking, fluting and croaking. Really am not much of a performer, but did do some coffee house stuff during my hippie college phase, “thick as a brick”, “moon dance”, “John Barleycorn” you get the idea. The cd, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, depending on your opinion) does not include any of my fluting. And, to cheat even more, 11 of the songs were done via Demo’s by Mail. Tom Manche in Nashville did some nice producing and recording of my music, and on most of those tracks a fellow named John Adams did the singing. A very sweet voice!!! It’s a very strange experience; to let your baby’s go into someone else’s hands. Sometimes I was pleasantly surprised, sometimes I was shocked; what did he do to my song?! But overall, although somewhat different than what I would have done, the result is certainly much more professional than I could have done, and I am happy with all.

The other 5 songs, quite clearly, were not done by Tom and company. On these you get the pleasure of hearing me sloppily pluck my guitar and croak my way though some songs. Sometimes ok, sometimes not, but..what could I do…I was out of money!? Plus, it just didn’t seem quite right to have a cd of my music entirely done by someone else.

Over all, I have to say, I think it is a pleasant cd. Some nice songs, some not so nice, some mediocre; covered all the territory, as much as my talent would allow.

And so, give it a listen. Enjoy.

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