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Virginia, United States

Singer/Songwriter / Americana

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Broda - she has been a musical chameleon throughout her life. She spent her childhood enthralled with Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, and the like. From the time she was old enough to think about it, she wanted to play the piano, and finally began taking lessons at age six. Piano remained her primary instrument throughout her college career, and she graduated with a degree in Music Education with a double certification in Instrumental and Choral tracks (concentration in piano and a secondary in voice and trumpet). During her college years, she was fortunate enough to perform with choral and instrumental groups that appeared at the White House, Carnegie Hall, the Virginia Governor's Mansion, St. John the Divine, Storyville, and Jacksonville Square (to name a few). She even participated in multiple performances and a recording with Roy Clark. (How random is that)? In the years to follow, she ran her own successful vocal and piano teaching studio (which she still does on the side), taught 6th-12th grade music at a local public school, and served as the Music Director for various theatre groups including Hackmattack Playhouse in Berwick, Maine, and Longwood University. She settled in as Music Director for the Waterworks Players where she continues to direct to this day. Occasionally, she even serves as a cast member as she did when she played Rosemary Sydney in "Picnic", " Boots", and Sister James in "Doubt". Broda also played keyboard and sang backup vocals for bands such as "Second Chance" (southern rock) and "Grey Sky Sally" (funk), but eventually became the lead singer, contributing songwriter, three chord wonder guitarist, and secondary keyboard player for "Hep Kat" ('a little jazz, a little blues, and a little something extra'). Despite their instant popularity, the members of Hep Kat went their separate ways, and at the same time, Broda's personal life underwent major changes. It is then that she realized there were few things that would always remain constant in her life, and music was one of them. As a result, Broda decided to seriously pursue the guitar in the fall of 2006. She did not seek taking guitar lessons because she found such freedom in experimenting with an instrument she didn't "know". It is here that her background in music education applied itself the most to her, personally. She not only created her own unique style of guitar playing, but also refreshed her knowledge of basic drumming rudiments and taught herself the basics on additional instruments such as mandolin, bass, and harmonica. A new life had begun, and an old nickname became a new stagename. Broda had found her way. In 2007, Broda continued her growth both as a guitarist and a singer/songwriter, and spent the year testing the waters with local area performances and draft recordings of her debut CD, "Spiral Staircase", the songs that reflect her journey. She has since shared the stage with talented bands and artists such as Chris Bobb, Rick Neller, LeGrande Jazz, Brian Graham Band, Petr & Paul, the Brad Carson Trio, Gary Hickman, Jackie Stem, and Jenn in Deep. She has also opened for regional favorites such as The Vertigo Stump, Illusive Dream, Moseley Rose and Adrian Duke. 2008 will see Broda complete her debut CD, break the boundaries of her homebase, and continue performing and sharing her music with the audiences that wait beyond. Broda's EPK can be viewed at Demand Broda and find future performance dates here on her profile page, or by visiting where she was the featured performer in her area in February of 2008.
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