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Brian Birdwell
Brian Birdwell

Texas, United States

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brian birdwell was raised in the smallest town in Texas -- where red dirt roads cut through the pine forest; the stomping grounds of great bluesmen like Lightnin' Hopkins, T-Bone Walker, and Blind Lemon Jefferson. His first job was selling watermelons beside the road when he was 9 years old. Later, he drilled water wells, taught English, made documentary films, and traveled around the world.

brian loves traveling and playing all kinds of music. He's played in reggae bands in Costa Rica, sat in with latin percussion groups in Chiapas, and played trombone in a gypsy-pirate band. in fact, his first paid gig as a solo artist was on an island near Thailand, at an Italian sushi bar. Eventually he made his way to Austin, Texas to kick back and soak up the area's legendary music scene.

He lives on smoothies and breakfast tacos. Keep your eyes open and you'll catch him swimming in the creek or riding his bike!

brian has been releasing demo tracks since 2000. Volume 1 is his first solo EP.
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