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Jedan Zivot(Single Life)
#45 in Alternative SongVault Certified
Jedan Zivot(Single Life)
Length: 5:29
On Network Since Feb 2, 2010
Who I Was
#57 in Alternative SongVault Certified
Who I Was
New Wave
Length: 3:31
On Network Since Sep 9, 2009
Train Of Pellet Thrill
#68 in Alternative SongVault Certified
Train Of Pellet Thrill
New Wave
Length: 4:00
On Network Since Jan 19, 2010
We're Livin' In Hell
#142 in Metal / Hard Rock SongVault Certified
We're Livin' In Hell
Rap Metal
Length: 3:27
On Network Since Jun 4, 2010
Serbian Rhapsody
#583 in Alternative SongVault Certified
Serbian Rhapsody
Length: 3:37
On Network Since Apr 22, 2010
Brainsick Spawns
SongVault Certified Artist Brainsick Spawns

Former Yugoslavia, Serbia

New Wave / Rap Metal

Listen to Brainsick Spawns
Brainsick Spawns(brain6pawns) is a band from Serbia and in their homeland are one of a kind. Many times accused of just copying famous artists, Spawns developed extraordinary style of metal that combines hardcore, alternative metal, grunge and their own sound. This fusion(so far said to be impossible) was named Style Free Metal - metal with no particular style and it didn't achieve total approval from whole audience.

Also band is recording music unrelated to their original genre and that music is available on the "Offtopic" album on separate cd with the original material.

Band has done their recording at home with low budget mics and was produced by lead vocalist, guitar player and songwriter ValdeZ. Many people said it was miracle that anything can sound as good as Spawns do recorded at home.

Now band is focused on getting known in Serbia and other Balkan countries and they are recording album(will be available only in Serbia).
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