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Illinois, United States

Jazz / Smooth Jazz

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Bobby L. Evans born in Memphis, TN. Being an only child forced me to use my imagination and creativity very early in life. I attended St. Dorothy's Catholic School where I played the trumpet in the 2nd grade, this was after my family moved to Chicago IL. When we relocated back to Memphis, I began pecking on the piano doing church service, this time I was 11 years old. I won 2nd chair in the All West Tennessee Band with the trumpet in 7th grade. I played trumpet in the marching band, piano for the jazz band and gospel choir in high school. I have been music director for many churches over the past twenty years. I composed/arranged four songs ("ISee My Miracle"/Keep Me Jesus"/"Never Depart" and "It's Just Jesus") with Olanda Draper and the Associates (Word/Epic) on our "Do It Again" CD in 1991. This project was nominated for a Grammy. I have participatd in many gospel workshops with the late Thomas Whitefield, Edwin Hawkins, Richard Smallwood, Shirley Ceasar just to name a few. I have accompained in concert Yolanda Adams, Shirley Ceasar and Edwin Hawkins. I produced a R&B single "That's The Way" on Lenetta Nelson Dent (Atlantic Records). We won 1st place in the Naras Urban Grammy Showcase in 1997 on " Ride My Bike" a song I composed/produced. In 2006 I entered The Listen and Exchange contest in Houston,TX with contestants from all over the world. I was top ten producer in that contest. My objective is to serve as an expert to create music that influences, set trends and make you feel every human emotion.
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